Benefits of Sesame

Sesame seeds have been an important part of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine for hundreds of years. Not only was sesame considered a delicacy, but also a medicinal remedy and a nutrient-rich food. The benefits of this amazing superfood include:

Rich in Protein

100g of sesame seeds carries 18g of protein. A perfect snack for post-workout or weight loss! 


Combats Cancer

These seeds pack a punch when it comes to fighting cancer. The combination of phytic acid, magnesium, and phytosterols creates a strong anti-cancer remedy.

High in magnesium

Magnesium levels of sesame seeds can prevent diabetes, asthma, high cholesterol, and even high blood pressure.

Guards Against Arthritis

Sesame seeds contain loads of copper which guard against arthritis.

Hair & Scalp Health
Oil from sesame seeds provides the necessary nutrients for a healthy scalp and hair.

What's actually in a sesame seed?

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