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Growing up in Israel, Halva was a staple in our culture. Its sweet, delightful aroma filled my house each morning as my mother spread it on warm toast before school. My grandfather took me to the market on Thursday afternoons where I marveled at the merchants with slabs of fresh halva piled sky-high. Like a kid in a candy store, he let me take my pick, and we always bought extra so we could eat some on the way home.


Passion for food runs in my blood, so it's only natural that the idea for my company, Sesame Satori, would be born sitting around the table with my family. My wish was to make a mark in this world, and we thought halva was the perfect way to bring the great food of Israel right into the homes of American families. What better way to bring awareness to our culture, than introducing my favorite food to the western world? 


Here at Sesame Satori we are dedicated to making tasty delicacies of the east with the most natural and high-quality ingredients. We hope you enjoy our sesame desserts!​

Lilach Adoni

Founder & CEO