Frequently Asked Questions

What is the halva shelf life? Should I refrigerate it?

Our halva will last approximately 4-6 months. It can be left in a cool place, like a pantry, it is best to store in the fridge. Please do not freeze the halva as it will damage the quality and texture. Your halva will arrive packed in specialty oil resistant paper; you can leave it as is or store the halva in an airtight container .

Am I allergic to halva?

If you have a sesame allergy, unfortunately you won’t be able to eat any of our products as all of our products contain sesame. Some of our products contain nuts like pistachio, hazelnut and chocolate, among others. Sesame Satori halva is made in a facility that contain nuts and may be cross contamination. Our halva is Kosher and vegan. Please consult your physician for any concerns or questions regarding sesame seeds products.

What’s the deal with Sesame, does it have nutritional benefits?

Sesame seeds have incredible nutritional benefits, vitamins and minerals. Head to our "Benefits of Sesame" page to learn more about sesame's super powers!

Is your halva dietary friendly and Kosher?

Our halva is produced And certified kosher in Israel. it is dairy free and Vegan .
we cut and packaged locally in the USA.
Currently we do not hold a a local kosher certification.

We want to buy in bulk, do you wholesale?

Yes, please send inquiries to: ​

Who should I contact for press inquiries?

We welcome press and social media, please contact us at:

Your company looks like a fun company to work for, are you hiring?

We are always looking for passionate and dynamic foodies to join our company! Send your resume to: ​

I ordered my sesame satori halva, when will I get it?

We ship Monday through Friday through USPS. Orders typically ship within 3-5 business days. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates. If you would like it to be shipped quickly, you can request expedited shipping for an additional charge. For any questions regarding shipping please send email to:

I tasted your halva, it’s delicious, but how do you eat it?

The great thing with Halva is that you can make it fit your mood. So many ways to eat, cook and bake halva. Here are some ideas: Sweet Morning :) Halva toast You wake up in the morning and you feel like having a sweet start, Toast your favorite bread, spread some butter, vegan butter and cut a small chunk of Halva and spread it on the toast. I like to pair it with fruit and coffee it is so delicious and will satisfy your hunger for a few hours. Halva pancake Prepare your favorite pancake mix and add bananas and halva chunks mixed it in and make the pancakes, top it with some halva crumbles and whip cream of your choice ....yummy great idea for a Sunday brunch. Love to bake? Croissants filled with Halva .... when I bake a batch it’s gone in 15 kids fight over the last piece. It is truly Delicious and a guaranteed crowd-pleasers Let’s yo... Sprinkle some halva crumbs on your favorite yogurt, yummy A great idea for a light dinner. Ice cream, anyone? This summer my Halva ice cream was a hit for my friends and family, I made it in different flavors and with almond milk ...a great dessert for hot summer days. May we not forget the Smoothie - Feel like drinking your meals, make your favorite smoothie and put about 1.5 oz of Halva it will give it a nice kick of distinguished taste.