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A Hugging Party Post Corona, Who's In?

Who’s already planning a post corona party to hug your loved ones??? #huggingpartypostcorona

I know I’m !!

The scene is already in my head, for the day corona will be a thing of the past, and we will be able to hug, to kiss, to share food, to dance and jump for joy, to cheers our drinks 🍻 , and sit close to each other without worry of getting someone else’s sick or getting sick ourselves.

Yes, I’m gonna go all in!!

Social distancing is the hardest thing to me, a huge Hugger and a compassionate person to everyone and more so to my peeps!

🤗 A hug is a way you express your love,

🤗 A hug is a way you show you care,

🤗 A hug is a way you reassure someone that tomorrow is gonna be a better day

🤗 A hug is a way to show someone you’re there for them

🤗 A hug is a way to calm someone’s anxiety

🤗 A hug is a way to speak to someone without saying a single word

🤗 A hug is a way to show someone there is Hope and to never give up.

So Yes, Yes, Yes,

I will hug anyone who wants a hug because everyone deserves love, we must have the Hope and Faith that tomorrow-even if it’s a year from now,

Tomorrow will come, and when it will, we will be all ready for it,

Welcoming it with open arms!

Let’s start this #Huggingpartypostcorona

Tag, share and #

Bring in a bright ray full of hope for this day to come -

What is humanity without hope?

with love,

A Hugger since I can remember,

Lilach Adoni


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