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COVID-19 hit the world and shattered our plans, put our normal on hold, our lives are forever changed, we MUST make the best of it.

As I'm counting almost 4 months of isolation and keeping my spirits up as high as I can, an old passion of me awaken and became part of my daily therapy - The Kitchen!

As I found myself every morning, drinking my coffee and contemplating what am I going to cook for my family tonight, it became my refuge for keeping me positive and active.

Before I realized it, I was making videos "How To" and posting them on my IG accounts.

I realized I need to share my passion with the world , when you love something and have been doing it for 28 its much more than just a chore, it is the love for cooking, baking, and creating new things -its the love for hosting friends and family gathering that give me happiness and so much more.


I have decided to take my passion and turn it into a career.

so many years I have been told , "open a restaurant" , "have a catering business", and always dismissing the idea as I'm enjoying my time in the kitchen and just love to host and bring my family and friends together gave me so much pleasure.

On March 2020, it hit me how much i missed my Friends and Family and as i like to call them "my peeps" "my community"

I realized there has to be much more to my story.

As a life coach certification hanging on my office wall, I thought to my self, what now? , what is the universe trying to tell you? One thing let to another , Mr. Tony Robbins and Mr. Dean Graziosi popped on my FB feed, as motivation speeches is right up my ally I have decided to take it further.

Therefore I wanted to introduce to you the extension of me, the addition to my

Sesame Satori -. I have become The Confident Host !

At this blog I will share with you videos of food that I'm preparing , I will share with you recipes ideas for setting up tables and tips about hosting with confident.

I'm working on virtual groups and workshops to offer anyone who love to host and wish they had the confidence to have parties, family dinners, bbq etc. at their home or backyards.

with 28 years of creating beautiful memories , open my doors and hearts to people I care dearly ,

I want to share my passion with people who love and share the same passion, but they get overwhelmed .

seeing my guests arriving, so happy and appreciative to be a guest at my home, and for those last minute invite , someones who's alone , gives me the most joy. To be there for others and to open my home to I remember the feeling of being alone when I just arrived to America, gives me joy and fills my heart.

so please share the love spread the word and let's make it a Hosting Revolution a thing.

if you'd like to be a part of The Confident Host

join me on Facebook and Instagram

and receive info about upcoming event please get on our mailing list send us an email at:

#elegantdinner #dinnerathome #familybesttimes
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